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We will install and replace your baseboards, trim, & curtain rods. Laminate, Vinyl & Tile removal & installation. We also assemble furniture.

New low-flow toilets and shower heads can greatly decrease your water bills. Styles are virtually endless. We install new toilets, faucets and shower heads. We will also place your old caulking!

New interior doors can really brighten up your home and reduce noise levels. New exterior doors can increase your 

insulation value and reduce energy bills. We also install new interior & exterior door handles, locks and dead bolts. Ergonomic door handle will make opening and closing doors much easier.

Are your electrical devices old or worn out? Don't let them become a hazard. Or maybe it's time for a fresh new look?

Our services include interior and exterior electrical work such as: Replacing lights switches & receptacles, ceiling fans, 

ceiling and wall fixtures. Save energy and make your look better with new electric base-board heaters. Stay safe with exterior motion sensor lights.

Balasters become lose over time due to warping, weather, or just poor installation. Decking boards don't decay at the same rate. Sometimes just a few boards need replacing. In other cases, the entire deck, or entry will need to be replaced.

Our people must also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, so that they will not be unfruitful.     Titus 3:14

Resurfaced Landing